"Everyone, whether they be a lay person or a judge, often times struggle to do what is just and right. Learning from the great writings of the ages, such as the Talmud, and in courses like the Rohr lectures serve to bring insights to our thinking and help all of us to make sounder judgments."
Alvin Weiss, Retired Judge, New Jersey Superior Court

"I found the Rohr JLI course You Be the Judge fascinating. If my first-year students had been exposed to this material before starting Law School, they would have been better prepared for the rigors of the Socratic method.
Professor Alan M. Dershowitz,
Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law,
Harvard Law School

"As a Professor of Jewish Law and American Legal Theory, I often point to the way in which Jewish civil law incorporates ethics within a distinctly legal framework. JLI's course, You Be The Judge Two, offers a fascinating context for exploring the relationship of law and ethics and shows the unique contribution that the Talmudic system can make to this central issue."
Professor Suzanne Stone, Professor of Law and Director, Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization at The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law / Yeshiva University