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Jewish Women have always played a pivotal role in Jewish life. On a personal familial and community level it has always been the Jewish woman who has created and developed the aura of Judaic life. While bringing inspiration to our daily lives, through gaining deeper insight into our own innate spiritual qualities, we can contribute and transform our lives and the lives of those around us in a profound way. The "Jewish Women's Circle" is poised to explore Judaism, while fostering friendship, sharing and growth.

The Nshei Women’s Circle is a group designed for the contemporary woman. The goal of The Jewish Women’s Circle is to unite all Jewish women through exciting events and activities.

The Nshei Women’s Circle comprises women of diverse affiliations and backgrounds who join together under the Chabad umbrella, to have a good time, to explore Jewish themes and to work together to create and enhance community projects.

The Nshei Women’s Circle provides an opportunity to bring together women with divergent points of view, backgrounds and affiliations in an atmosphere of friendship.

All Jewish Women are welcome regardless of affiliation or level of observance.

For more information about our upcoming events call the Chabad Center at (407) 354-3660 or email Chani at [email protected]

Upcoming Event:
Warm Your Body & Soul - Nov. 13



Past Events:
Mega Challah Bake 2014
Mega Challah Bake 2015
Mega Challah Bake 2016
Mega Challah Bake 2017
Rosh Hashana Event

Jewish Womens Night Out
Paint Night Out
Hamantashen Cafe

Tu Bishvat Womens Night
ערב יצירה לדוברות עברית
Chanukah 2016 - Light it up