Times are for The Minyan at Chabad Center on Sand Lake Rd. 
(Times for Minyan at The Villas will be posted at Villa Shul)

Sunday, Oct. 9
Candle Lighting 6:45pm
Evening Services
followed by a Holiday Meal in the Sukkah - for reserved Guests only
6:45 pm
Monday, Oct. 10
Morning Services
followed by Kiddush Buffet
9:30 am
Evening Services
followed by Holiday Meal in the Sukkah in memory of Bat Sheva Konikov, RSVP required, by Wednesday
6:50 pm
Candle Lighting after 7:36pm
Tuesday, Oct. 11
Morning Services
followed by Kiddush Buffet
9:30 am
Evening Services 6:50 pm
Holiday Ends 7:35 pm
Wed., Thurs., Fri., Oct. 12-14 - Chol Hamoed
Shacharit - First Minyan ...
Shacharit - Minyan 8:00 am
Evening Services 6:50 pm
Thursday, Oct. 13 - Chol Hamoed
Pizza in the Hut - Entertainment 5:30pm
Shabbat, Oct. 14 - Chol Hamoed
Candle Lighting 6:39pm
Friday Eve. Services 6:45pm
Shabbat, Oct. 15
Shacharis 9:30am
Mincha 6:30pm
Evening Services 7:31pm
Midnight Hoshana Rabba Service - Tehillim 1:00am
Sunday, Oct 16 - Chol Hamoed - Hoshana Rabba
Shacharit - Minyan 8:00am
Simchat Torah
Sunday, Oct. 16 - Shemini Atzeret
Evening Services
followed by Kiddush & Hakafot Dancing
Candle Lighting 6:37pm
Monday, Oct. 17 - Shemini Atzeret
Morning Services 9:30 am
Yizkor Memorial Service
followed by Mussaf, & kiddush snack in the Sukkah
11:30 am
Evening Services
Children's Hakafot followed by Kiddush buffet & Grand Simchat Torah Celebration - click here for more info
7:30 pm
Candle Lighting After 7:29pm
Tuesday, Oct. 18
Morning Services
followed by Kiddush buffet & Hakafot
10:00 am
Evening Services 6:35 pm
Holiday Ends 7:28 pm