Tzvi's Bar Mitzvah
 March 9-10, 2018 - 22-23 Adar, 5778 



Dear family and friends,

 We are so excited that you will be joining us, to celebrate Tzvi's Bar Mitzvah.

 Below, please find some useful information for your stay in Orlando.


                                 Looking forward to greeting you,

                                 Yosef & Chani Konikov


Basic Schedule: 

   FRIDAY, March 9 - 22 Adar 

  • Candle Lighting:              6:12pm - Drury Hotel (@ corner of Chabad's block)
  • Mincha/Kabbalas Shabbos: 6:20pm - Chabad S. Orlando, 2nd FL
  • Seudas Shabbos:                7:40pm - Drury Hotel 

 SHABBOS, March 10 - 23 Adar 

  • Breakfast:    7:30-10:00am - Drury Hotel
  • Tehillim:               7:45am - Chabad, 2nd FL
  • Shachris:               9:30pm - Chabad , 2nd FL
  • Seudas Shabbos:                  1:00pm - Drury Hotel
  • Mincha/Aliya LaTorah:         5:45pm - Chabad, 2nd FL
  • Shabbos ends:                      7:06pm - Chabad, 2nd FL
  • Bar Mitzvah Celebration/Melava Malka...
    ... 8:30pm - Westgate Resorts 9500 Turkey Lake Rd.
    (1.5 miles from Drury Hotel, same street)


Other  Hotels Options:

  • Crowne Plaza is a notch up. It is approx. 20-25 min walk from Chabad, 15-20 from Drury. 
  • Westgate Palace only has 2 bedroom suites, 2 bathrooms with a kitchen/living area. It is approx 25-30 min walk from Chabad, 20-25 from Drury.

For these options or cheaper hotels in the area, see here:


For Kosher Food & Restaurant Info. Click here:


 To Purchase Discounted Park Tickets, click here:

All the tickets offered on our site can be available for the Bar Mitzvah week as well.

Simply order and send an email afterward to [email protected] to let us know that you ordered and that you are coming to the bar Mitzvah and want to have them ready at Chabad, when you arrive.