Services are held at The Center of Jewish Life - Chabad of South Orlando | 7347 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

Weekday Orlando Minyan Services


Due to the Mikvah Construction the 8 am Minyan has changed to:

7:15 EST Monday through Friday

(Extra Minyanim during busy tourist weeks. (Yeshiva Break, Chol Hamoed..)
Also see here for Villa Resort Minyanim)

8:30 am EST on Sundays

Chol Hamoed: Shacharis at 8:00am.

Mincha & Maariv

10 minutes before sunset
Click here to see Sunset/Candle-lighting Times

Shabbat Services

Fri. Evening Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday Evening Service: 8 min after candle lighting
See- Candle-Lighting Times here...

Summer: 10 Min. b4 sunset | Winter: 10 minutes before Sunset

Shabbat Morning Prayers

9:30 am EST on Saturdays

Chabad of South Orlando is proud to host a Shul (Synagogue), which has a warm family atmosphere for people to daven / pray.
This is a Shul where the people are truly happy to see you when you come.
This is an Orlando Shul for anyone, regardless their level of observance, knowledge or background. One does not have to be religious, Orthodox, Conservative or Reform to join us at the synagogue, just Jewish!

This is a Shul without pressure. Come and go as you please.
We often say; "We take it to heart when you come, we don't take it to heart, when you don't."

We offer weekday minyan services, Shabbat and Holiday services, and at times even an additional Sefardic Style service at our shul in Orlando.
We have Hebrew English Siddurim (prayer books), and at times read certain prayers in English.

People who have "Yahrtzeit", anniversary of a loved one's passing, are always welcome to come and recite the Kaddish.