A fascinating personality, Yaakov Parisi is scheduled to visit Orlando on Thursday November 10th, 2011.

Once an Evangelical Christian Pastor, Yaakov will share his intriguing story of how he and his wife explored the roots of their faith in search for the truth, and arrived at the doorstep of Judaism.

The community is invited to hear Yaakov's fascinating story at Chabad of South Orlando, 7504 Universal Blvd., Orlando.

Starting in 1987 as co pastor in an evangelical Christian church, they began their journey when they attempted to understand doctrinal discrepancies and the roots of their faith - Judaism. In 1992 they became pastors of their own church in the middle of the so-called Bible Belt in the Midwest. With so many questions unanswered and no one to turn to, they searched the Chumash (Torah) for answers. The plot thickens as the congregation began to keep Shabbat, the church's main symbol was removed and major doctrinal discrepancies were revealed.

They faced challenges, threats, the closing of their church and finally their conversion to Judaism.

Come hear the awesome and inspiring behind the scenes story complete with many challenging and amusing moments. Yaakov and Sarah Parisi (their new Jewish names) are now Torah observant Jews who have completed their journey and reside in Israel.


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