Below is info. on luxury villas:

[For expensive mansions and magnificent villas starting at 28k,  email us at [email protected] ]

Our Pesach Villas have provided a lifetime of special memories to countless satisfied clients, many of whom return to celebrate Yom Tov with us year after year.

Our main Minyan is held in the beautiful Encore community, a higher tier of villas, newer and more modern in comparison to all other villas. This community has villas between 5-11 bedrooms, all with pools.

This program, you will communicate directly with the villa management to choose the villa of your dreams. There will be no mark-up of the villas! 

Leave the hassle of cleaning and kashering behind and treat yourself to a stress-free Pesach experience.

Choose from our selection of villas and arrive to a fully kashered kitchen a short walk away from our exclusive Villa Shul, all in our exclusive gated villa resort. Enjoy a warm friendly Jewish and Yom Tov atmosphere, with Minyanim and Shiurim.
Spend Chol Hamoed in Disney, or kick back and enjoy a family swim in the comfort and convenience of your private pool.

Pesach Vacation 2024

Reserve your villa today! Click here to begin.

Villas are hard to get or no longer available in Encore or other resort communities.
Please see below for communities (and whatsapp groups) that will have many Pesach guests
and will have makeshift random Minyanim over Pesach.

Here is a list of popular communities and our quick evaluation of levels.

Reunion = tier 1
Encore = tier 2
Bella Vida = tier 3
Sonoma = tier 3
Storey Lake = tier 3
Championsgate = tier 3
Solterra = tier 3
Solara = tier 3
Windsor Hills = tier 4
Windsor Westside = tier 4
Emerald Island = tier 5
Terra Verde = tier 5

If you want Kashering in your villa before Pesach, click here: 



Join the respective WhatsApp groups to get the latest happenings in your community.


Upon receiving your form (by clicking above), we will connect you with the management, so you can choose your villa.
If you choose, catering, or concierge, we will have them contact you as well.
You will not be charged until you choose and reserve a villa that suits you.


Also Available:
• Ready Catered Meals • Grocery and Dairy Products • Extra Folding Chairs, Fridges/Freezers • Shipping from New York and more