Jewish Visiting Circle

The "Jewish Visiting Circle" is an organization focusing on visiting all Jewish patients. If someone is aware of a friend or relative in the hospital, the JVC can be contacted and they would be happy to make sure the patient gets visited.

Currently, there are 24 Volunteers who rotate going to the major hospitals each week. They also go to visit the old aged and the homebound.

JVC visits every Jewish patient regardless of affiliation.
Every Jew is our brother and sister.

Director: Marcy Cohen


Volunteers: Sharon Michaels, Ramona Brodsky, Barbara Matyas, Lisa Brodsky, Karen Goldman, Phyllis Cohen, Ellen Abrams, Jennifer Sexton, Michele Fischer, Jill Fowler, Mylene Haddad, Chani Konikov, Davida Lessel, Micheline MacIvor, Annette Dagan, Dror Doner, Melynda Bodyfelt, Colleen Elbaz, Revi Rofe, & Bonnie Stimmel

The Jewish Visiting Circle
PO Box 690282
Orlando, FL 32869-0282
407.354.3660 Fax:407.903.1679