Chol Hamoed meals
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Chabad will have a Public Sukkah.

Yom tov & Shabbat Meals at chabad
Meals at Chabad Center

Meal package including meals for both days & nights of Yom Tov along with a continental breakfast.

COST for 2 days Yom Tov:
$290 per adult (12 yrs & up).
(With Shabbos: $435 )
$200/child (11 yrs & under).
(With Shabbos: $240 - not relevant 2020)

Just Shabbos of Chol Hamoed :
$145/Adult $100/Child (11 yrs & under)

Guests can stay at the Drury Inn, which is at the corner of our block. See here, or Westgate Palace or other hotels near the Chabad. The above price is per person for two nights and days of Yom Tov.

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take out yom tov meals

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If you would like to order take out meals to eat at your suite or villa, contact one of the restaurants on our Kosher Food page.