Jewish Art Calendar 5784   / 2023-24
Published by Chabad of S. Orlando

Dear Friend & Supporter,

Allow me to present you with an exceptional promotional opportunity - a unique means to directly target the local Jewish audience while also contributing to the preservation of Jewish culture and customs among the members of our community.

By advertising in the upcoming edition of the Jewish Art Calendar, you can accomplish all of the above. Unlike ads in the newspaper, which have a very short life span, potential customers will view the colorful and informative Jewish Art Calendar the entire year, thus providing a maximum return for your dollar.

The calendar is full of exciting holiday recipes and information, educational messages, Sabbath candle-lighting times, and an array of beautiful thematic Jewish artwork. It will undoubtedly be displayed in homes and offices throughout the local community, insuring optimum visibility for your product or service.

Additionally by advertising with us, you are taking an active role in advancing Judaism in the Orlando area, as well as surrounding communities, which in turn is bound to elicit a positive response from local citizens.

Birthday , Anniversary, Yahrtzeit & Special Occasions:
You can also honor your loved ones by dedicating their special day in the calendar.

Please fill out this form carefully. We will use the exact information that you print here. If you include the year of the event, we will find out the corresponding Jewish date.

Please indicate if you want the Jewish or secular date listed.

We thank you in anticipation of your support.


Rabbi Yosef Konikov 


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Calendar Ad options (Monthly Ads)

 Large Month Ad (1 Month)................$750 (10.5" x 1.22")
 1/2 Month Ad (1 Month)..........$400 (5" x 1.25")
 1/3 Month Ad (1 Month)..........$300 (3.23" x 1.20") 
 Business card ad on every month (13 months) ..... $1,800.00


Center page insert

 Whole Page.........$1,100 (10.6" x 8.15") 
 Half page............$600  (5" x 7.5" or 10.6" X 3.32")
Quarter Page.......$300  (2.15" x 7.5" or 5.3" X 3.32")
 Eighth Page.........$180  (1.8" x 3.32" or 2.19" X 3.25")
 Business Card.... $150  (1.16" x 1.13")


Calendar Sponsorship

Show your support to the entire Jewish Community and the wonderful work of Chabad, by becoming a Calendar Sponsor.

 $4800 - Corporate Sponsor - Package of Full Color Page, 13 Ads variety of Ads throughout the months.
 $500 Family Sponsor (Name of parents and children can be included)
Sponsor Name to be listed as:

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Yartzeits, Special Occasions

Donation for each $18, (Text will be on chosen calendar day)


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