what you always wanted to know but never dared to ask

Do Jews believe in Satan?

Did Jews actually cross the Red Sea?

Why do seemingly innocent foods require kosher certification?

Can a woman be married against her will?

What is the real significance of the "evil eye"?

Guaranteed to enlighten even the most seasoned trivia buff, this treasure trove of “who knew?” Jewish factoids spans a wide range of intriguing subjects.

The perfect course for every inquiring mind that wants to know, Fascinating Facts will put you at the center of the conversation as you show off your essential store of irresistible knowledge.


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Know Something About the Bible?
Is “an eye for an eye” meant to be taken literally? Was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge an apple? Did the Jews actually cross the Red Sea? We leap beyond a Hebrew School comprehension of the Bible, as we explore the deeper significance of its stories and their profound lessons for life.
From Womb to Tomb
Why celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah? What’s with breaking glass under the wedding canopy? Peppered with astounding insights along the way, we’ll journey from birth through burial, infusing meaning and relevance into the customs and traditions of the Jewish life cycle.
Angels, Blessings, and Evil Eyes
What is the evil eye? How does it work? Are we accompanied by guardian angels? Do they have wings? Join us as we enter the hidden world of the occult and investigate the fascinating interaction between matter and spirit.
Foods and Feasts
Ever wondered what it is about Jews and food? What makes food kosher? Why is pork considered the quintessential non-kosher chow? With tasty surprises along the way, we’ll learn a thing or two about Jewish diet in this mouth-watering, eye-opening session.
It’s All Hebrew to Me
From abracadabra to kippa and Yom Kippur, this lesson dives beyond semantics into the depths of Hebrew etymology. We’ll uncover insights into seemingly arbitrary Hebrew names, and discover words that offer perspective into the heart of key Jewish concepts.
Myths, Misconceptions, and Urban Legends
Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. Do Jews believe in Satan? Can a Jew convert out of the faith? Peering into a world of untold mystery, we’ll explore common Jewish myths rooted in non-Jewish beliefs, everything from the bizarre to the downright outrageous.


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