Shabbat Hospitality

Enjoy an elegant Shabbat meal in a unique and intimate setting. Sing beautiful Shabbat melodies that will warm your Jewish heart… and save room for a L’chaim or two!

For a memorable Jewish experience be sure to make your reservation today!

Sorry. We are not offering Dinner at Chabad at the present time - during COVID.

Friday Night Dinners 

In Hebrew For Local Israelis
Available only on certain weeks* 

Please carefully select a date from the drop down in "Date Reserving For."

If the date you seek does not exist, then only Shabbat Lunch is available at Chabad. Please use "Shabbat Lunch Only" in drop down, and write the date in the comment box.

*Please note: At times Friday night dinners may be cancelled due to lack of reservations. In that case you will be contacted and your meals can be picked up on Friday to take to your hotel/home. 


Kiddush Luncheons

In English. Every Shabbat 


Friday Night Dinner: $45 Adult (12+) • $36 Child (3-11)

Kiddush Luncheon: $25 Adult (12+) • $18 Child (3-11)

Please make your reservation no later than the Tuesday prior. (If reserving after that, email us by Thursday morning to confirm availability.)

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