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Bar Mitzvahs services are offered to children, if born to a Jewish mom.

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Chabad South Orlando -  Hebrew School Tuition Agreement for Dr. Phillips or Winter Garden

The following is a tuition agreement for the Chabad Hebrew School. The agreement explains the tuition fees, payments plans and refund policies. Please read it through carefully. If paying by check or cash, full payment must be submitted to the school office before any child will be permitted to attend classes. (or continue below... to pay online.)

The tuition for Chabad Hebrew School is $60 a month, total of - $540/year.
The Tuition is to be paid in full. Refunds are not given for absent days.
There is a $60 registration fee unless the discount below is applied.

Please note: On certain Sundays (refer to school calendar), Hebrew School is extended to 2 pm. On those weeks Chabad Hebrew School will provide a Kosher lunch. $30 is charged for the lunches that will be provided for the year. The Total without discounts is: $630.00

Available DISCOUNTS:
Tuition PAID IN FULL before 1st Day of HS... registration fee waived. ---- $60 discount

2nd or 3rd child is... 10% off of the base tuition.
($486 + $30/lunches + $60 registration fee (unless paid in full) = $576)


You may choose from the following payment methods:
Plan A: You may pay the entire amount in full with a check, cash or credit card.

                            Registration Fee is waived.

Plan B: Includes Registration Fee.

You may pay via Auto Bank Withdrawal or by credit card - on a MONTHLY - or - WEEKLY basis. You must sign up and create your own account at our FACTS Payment program. To do so please click here: .
Once you open an account, we will enter your Hebrew School bill on your FACTS account.

Payment Type * Card Number *

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If your child is a 1st time student at Chabad, please call to schedule a meeting with the Director, after submitting this form, 407.354.3660. Thank You.

If you are having difficulty submitting online form, click here to download and print.
Then mail the registration to our P.O. Box or fax to Chabad - 888.900.7981:

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