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Sukkos Villa Group Reservation

  • Sukkos Villa Group Reservation

  • Required: 

    * By filling this form you agree to be within the same Villa community which Chabad will be coordinating a Minyan.

    * You also agree to book the villa with our designated management company. This enables us to coordinate properly. (They will not mark up the homes when you will book with them.) 

    * You agree to pay a $500 fee to enable us to coordinate the Minyan and place to Daven, Sefer Torah etc.

    * You choose to either order Yom Tov Meals with Catering by Motti, (see below for details.)
    or to pay an additional $500 and handle the meals on your own. 


    * You may opt to have your villa Kashered for $250.
    Villa needs to be reserved an extra day earlier, for this.

    * You may opt to order a Sukkah

  • "Catering by Motti" Sukkos Catering

    Yom Tov Meals

    Dinner and Lunch for each Yom Tov day: $89/person
    Total for each Yom Tov (4 meals)        $178/person

    Chol Hamoed Meals(optional) 

    Lunch & Dinner each Chol Hamoed day: $55/person
    Boxed Lunch & (Reg.) Dinner each day:  $50/person

  • Catering charges will be charged the week before Sukkos.

  • Should be Empty: