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Shavuot Celebration

Shavuot Celebration

Wednesday - June 8, 2011

Men, Women & Children!
Be there when the Torah is given for the 3,324th time.
You don’t have to travel to the desert—it’s happening right here!
Come hear the Torah reading of the Ten Commandments.

Wednesday, JUNE 8 - 5:30 PM 
5:30 Program is - For Kids, See Wed. morn. below for all ages. 
Followed by an Ice Cream Party!
7504 Universal Blvd, Orlando
Tuesday, June 7
Candle Lighting 8:03 PM

Night Learning Session beginning at midnight
Refreshments will be served

Wednesday, June 8
• Morning Services 9:30 AM with reading of the 10 Commandments at approx. 10:30 AM followed by and Deluxe Dairy Luncheon.

• Children's Ice Cream Party & 10 Commandments 5:30 PM

Light Candles after* 9:02 PM

*Light only from
pre-existing flame.

Thursday, June 9
Morning Services 9:30 AM

Yizkor 11:30

Holiday ends 9:02 PM

This event is free for our entire community.  If you would like to sponsor this or another event, then please click here to donate

For more info call: 407-354-3660 or Email:



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